Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finding the joy

This past week has been a hard one, and after a particularly hard day one of the Freeset volunteers asked me how do you keep going?
The answer is I find the joy
So I thought I would share with you all some of the things that bring me joy
1) I find joy in the smile of a new girl just starting in our training programme as she tries to sew her first bag
2) I find joy as I walk home from the market and have my eyes covered from behind by one of our ladies saying "guess who"
3) I find joy in watching our ladies worship
4) I find joy in ladies who have seen that I have been to busy to eat so share their spicy puffed rice with me
5) I find joy in the lady that rubs my back during devotions
6) I find joy when one of our ladies who is sick in hospital grasps my hand in trust that I will make it all better
7) I find joy in my landlady who sees me come home tired at the end of a long day and presents me with a plate of curry and rice so I don't have to cook
8) I find joy in the spontaneous belly laughs that happen many times a day

You see amongst the hard things there is always joy to be found.
Some days you have to peel back the sadness and the trials but the joy is there
I am thankful for this community and the joy it brings