Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Place and Catching the Bus

Last week I moved into my new place. It is a great light 3 bed apartment which I share with 2 other girls from England. My place is now on the other side of town, so I have been able to experience the delight of Dhaka buses.
Dhaka buses are great, they are cheap and you can go anywhere as long as you know which one to get on.
Language school is now a 30min bus ride there and an 1hr 30min ride home due to the increase in traffic. All for between 10 and 20 cents.
The only problem is that sometimes those Dhaka buses are pretty full.
Yesterday I needed to get from Mohakali to Gulshan 2 the bus that takes that route is small, about the size of a van. I had been waiting about 20 mins when the right bus finally came. However inside the small bus was about 40 people, it looked impossible for an ant to get on the bus let alone a person or the 10 that were chasing after the bus.
So I decided now or never and ran with all the others, grabbing hold of the rail and pushing my way on all while the bus was still moving. I rode most of the way while holding the rail half in half out of the bus. This I discovered is a great way to ride, catching the breeze as we stop and start through traffic.
After a while some of the people got of the bus and I had to retreat to the more conventional ladies seat. How boring!
I do love those Dhaka buses.