Monday, May 9, 2011

I walked past you today

Sorry it has been a while, I have been back in New Zealand and am now here in India.
Here is something I wrote in my first week in India after daily walking the streets of the red light district

I walked past you today
One among thousands but you stood out
Why, I am not sure
Perhaps it was your quiet dignity
Maybe the smile that masked the pain
I stopped to talk
and you greeted me with such a beautiful smile
but I could see the un shed tears in your eyes
As I spoke of freedom you appeared unsure
A place of freedom for people like me?
but I am so bad
All your life people have lied to you
You have been tricked, abused and suffered at the hands of injustice
It is no wonder you don't trust me or my words of freedom
I prayed for you tonight
You don't know but I pray for your freedom
You touched my heart with your shame and your pain
As I walk the lanes a sea of pain, I shudder
Treated as less than human
Used, abused, left to pick up the pieces and keep on living
I try to enter your world with my message of freedom
So naive as to what you must go through
But I do know my heart has broken for you
You and the thousands like you
May I never forget the pain I felt for you tonight
Pray that I will never loose sight of what it is all about
Pray that I will continue to fight for your freedom so that you may come to know the true freedom giver.