Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mukti - Freedom

I see you one in a line of hundreds

Forced to stand for sale

No longer seen as human

Rather a product for purchase

I stop, I say hello

We talk

I move on

Your next ‘customer’ awaits

How different is my life to yours

All I know is freedom

All you can see is captivity

Yet our lives collide

I want to come and make it right

Snatch you from that place of horror

And never let you return

But I can’t

Instead we offer choice

Some come running

Others are scared

What will you do?

There is a battle going on

But take heart the war has been won

I leave you in the hands of the Father

May you find peace

May you find Freedom

It is found in the arms of Christ

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It has been about a month since my last blog, and my heart is still in the same place.
Love hurts
In the last few weeks I have seen so much pain and suffering, and while in all cases it has not affected me personally it has affected friends and my community.
Because I love and feel so much a part of this community I stand along side my friends in their grief and it is hard. Love still hurts.
As I stood next to *Rika(name changed) as she cried out at the loss of her brother, my heart broke.
She had lost her older brother the protector of the family, she was already a widow and now no more brothers. I have had the privilege of walking through the grieving process with Rika and her family and it is hard.
I was able to pray for her family - my first making sense Bangla prayer - It has opened up relationships with other members of her family.
There has been other tragedies still to raw to share in a blog, but the feeling remains love hurts.
We gathered as an expat community last night to share and pray amongst the suffering and someone said that they now have a fuller appreciation of the suffering Christ.
How much more must His pain and suffering have been.

I find it so hard to articulate the goings on in my heart.
I am beginning to grasp what this long term journey is going to look like.
It is going to be about doing life with people about sharing in the joys and sharing in the sorrow and suffering.
It is going to be tough because love hurts.
I know this post sounds all doom and gloom but it isn't there is a joy behind the sorrow.
I am in the place God wants me to be, walking along side my community not because I have too but because I love them and you are there for the people you love.