Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things I love about Dhaka

Over the last month or so I have been experiencing a mild form of culture shock. It was kind of inevitable really. I have had no big meltdowns but was just finding everyday things and everyday interactions very frustrating. Recently I had to leave Dhaka to escort a person to Bangkok for surgery, while I was there I was thinking and praying a bit and decided to write a list of things I love about living in Dhaka. Looking at this list has helped me over this period of frustration. So I am going to share this list or some of it with you....

1) I love the way Dhaka looks after it rains
2) I love that I get to learn a new language
3) I love that I get opportunities to serve in such practical ways
4) I love how friendly people are here
5) I love that if I don't know which bus to take there are loads of people willing to help
6) I love that I am reminded daily of the poor and it puts my wants into perspective
7) I love that I constantly meet new people doing amazing things with their lives
8) I love that God continually challenges me
9) I love that when living here I am more dependent on God
10) I love that I am taught much by the poor of Dhaka

Hope you are all doing well sorry haven't blogged in a while will try to be better.