Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost in Banani

So today marks the last day with Parul my private language tutor before starting at Heed Language school on Sunday. So today I decided I had better do a trial run by Rickshaw because I had only been there once before and that was on the back of a motorcycle darting through traffic. All I was thinking then was hold on tight not where am I.
So I practice how to say Road 12 Banani (the address) and away I go. I find a rickshaw driver straight away and on asking him if he knows Road 12 Banani he gives a slight head tilt YES.
This is going to turn out easier than I thought. So along I go and once we reach the middle of Banani and I have no idea where I am the rickshaw driver turns to me and asks ME for directions. Now those that know me understand that I am not good with directions even if I know the place well but a place that I have only been to once no idea.
So anyway I just agree with whatever way he suggests hoping that it might be right and I might recognise a landmark somewhere along the way.
Finally we come to a dead end where the rickshaw driver stops and I get off. So I am standing in the middle of what I assume to be Banani. Glad I did a trial run. I walk for about 5mins and stumble across a coffee world. I have never been but have heard much about the place, so I think I will stop for a decadent ice coffee and consult the map I brought with me "just in case". The ice coffee was amazing and it turns out I took a right instead of left and it should be another few minutes down the road success. Language school has been found. I think I will leave a bit early on Sunday and take my map ....... just in case.
Speaking of language I have had some requests for some Bungla words
I am going to share my favorites with you. It is a great and amazing language
So number one fav Bungla word Pipra which means ant (I like it because it sounds so much like my name much to the amusement of my language teacher Parul)
Brehoshprotebar - Thurs (because it sound funny and who would dream of such a thing to call a day of the week)
And finally my favorite phrase - Ami Bungla bolte parbona - I am unable to speak Bungla a fav for obvious reasons.
To those who read the last entry the scissor search went of without a hitch.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me

So I have been in Bangladesh for two and a half weeks so let me tell you what a typical day is like for me.
First I get up around 6 and while the temp is cool at a mere 26-30 I go for a walk around the park. 5 laps does it for me and then I resemble someone who has just stepped out of a shower due to the amount of sweat I have produced. Who's idea was it to arrive in the middle of summer anyway?
So I get back to the apartment shower (cold of course) and have breakfast
Then I revise the fascinating language that is Bungla hoping that I can remember the words I was taught yesterday before my lesson in the afternoon.
Around 10 I venture outside by now the temp is somewhere above 30 after 30 I don't want to know how hot is actually gets.
I find my self a rickshaw and head off to "town". Today I had two rickshaw wallas fighting over me a young boy and an old man. I choose the old man cause I felt sorry for him. As we are headed in the direction of town I wish I was a little lighter so he didn't have to work so hard.
But before I could dwell on it much longer my nose was telling me we were arriving at what I call sewage corner. As soon as you come round the corner the waft is overwhelming fortunately my nursing holds me in good stead. I hold my knees up close to my chest as we drive through the large puddle of sewage. Delightful.
Now I have arrived at my local shopping area (Gulshan 2) I go in search of what I have come for Post-it notes for my language learning and coloured pencils for the same reason
Now I wonder how you say Post it notes in Bungla. I go into the first stationery shop and ask for post it notes and he looks as if I have grown a second head so I take that as a no.
Fortunately in this area there are hundreds of stationary shops. After I hit my 5th shop I found them (Post it notes not coloured just yellow but they will have to do) and would you believe cm's away a pack of coloured pencils. Yusss it's only taken me an hour and a half but I found them :)
So I am back home now after my excursion. I will go out again in a little while I think I need some scissors Should be fun