Friday, February 10, 2012

A Life to Remember

This post comes after much thought about how to describe the death of one of my friends who worked with us.

Her death is not the sum total of her life, there was more to her than that. She had joy, she had a faith, she was loved, and she loved.

The days before she died were very precious and special. We laughed together, we cried together, we talked about when she would come back to work, we prayed together.

The day she died was a hard day, but a beautiful day. On that day we gathered as a community/ a family we shared stories about her, we cried, we laughed. The thing I remember most about that day is the way I was looked after by others from our community. They, having known I had been at the hospital brought me sweet tea to drink. My close friend who doesn't work with us, came so she could support me as I supported her when her brother died. These things are beautiful.

The days following were difficult, we were feeling sad, angry, guilty; but we gathered together we prayed and we supported each other.

Beautiful girl
Loved and cherished, it's a shame you did not understand.
Beautiful girl
Mother, wife, sister, friend, there is so much you have left behind
Beautiful girl
We will miss your cheeky smile, your infectious laugh
Beautiful girl
How we have grieved your loss
Beautiful girl
You taught me so much
Beautiful girl
We miss you

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  1. Lovely writing Pip. She sure was a beautiful girl and greatly missed.